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Courthouse District

Client: City of Eugene

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Mixed-Use Walkable Neighborhood 


A brownfield redevelopment plan was developed for a historically industrial area in Eugene Oregon. A new Federal Courthouse, designed by the architectural firm Morphosis, was planned for the district. This opened opportunities for the City of Eugene to re-develop the area into a mix-use zone reconnecting downtown Eugene to the nearby Willamette River. As part of the design team, LandCurrent focused on several alternative concepts for daylighting an old industrial waterway, the Millrace . Innovative concepts on the creative integration of stormwater were also introduced to create a unique green neighborhood, and a variety of stormwater detention and treatment proposals were examined for both the streetscape and Federal Courthouse. Aspects of this design were presented by professor James Tice at the 36th International Making Cities Livable Conference.



City of Eugene, Oregon 

DLA Landscape Architects

LandCurrent Landscape Architects

James Tice, urban designer

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