Public -Commercial Projects


LandCurrent designs open spaces of various sizes including parks, streetscapes and parking landscapes.  In all our projects we advocate using sustainable construction and materials.
Growing urbanization, multi-generation recreational demands, an increased need for ecological enhancements and limited design and maintenance budgets has resulted in high demands for today's public and commercial projects. LandCurrent takes these complexities as a catalyst for creative solutions by overlapping and hybridizing functions and site characteristics into unique landscapes.

At LandCurrent, we believe that well-designed, thoughtful development can be a cornerstone of livable, economically-strong, and environmentally-sound communities. We support walkable neighborhoods strongly tied to local culture, climate, topography, and natural features, resulting in a strong sense of place that residents and users will identify and embrace as their home.

LandCurrent staff has coordinated dozens of public meetings and are experienced at reaching consensus with diverse stakeholder needs.