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Ebner Park: Nature Play Area

Client: City of Mt Angel

Location: Mt Angel, Oregon

The small community of Mt Angel, requested a nature play area with slides, swings and a view tower for their newly renovated main park. The result provides play opportunities essential to child development in a cost effective and sustainable manner. LandCurrent carefully selected and integrated play equipment into a sculpted landform. The area gives children the opportunity to play among shrubs, trees, boulders and logs. Parents can survey the area easily, granting them the ease of mind to allow their kids to play relatively independently. In addition, the entire path system is wheelchair accessible. The tower, slides and boulder scramble areas include accessible features and are designed to allow children of various abilities to play together. LandCurrent worked as sub consultant under Cameron McCarthy, who was removing a couple of large cedars at another project. The trunks of these trees were reused at the playground.


Cameron McCarthy (Lead Park landscape architect), LandCurrent (Play Area landscape architect).

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