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Flossie Overman Discovery Park, Philomath, Oregon


LandCurrent led the community of Philomath, Oregon through an engaging workshop to design a small park.  The park was envisioned as a play park for all ages, with nature play carefully combined with catalog play equipment, a picnic shelter and a basketball court. The park complies with ADA accessibility for public play grounds. There are multiple opportunities for inclusive and collaborative play. Kids can get their hands dirty building dams in a dry creek bed that can be filled with water from an accessible water pump. A rock scramble area is designed with transfer boulders to allow access from a wheelchair.

“The park in itself is beautiful but it’s fun to watch the kids playing in the different landscapes...  — the kids climbing up on the rocks and playing with the water pump,” said City Manager Chris Workman... “Earlier in the week, we were out here and they were building dams. That’s what I envisioned, that’s what I was hoping would happen.” Gazette times, August 2020.

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