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Oregon Hills Park

Client: City of Medford

Location: Medford, Oregon

Inclusive Public Park with Inclusive Play Area

LandCurrent was chosen to design Oregon Hills Park because of its expertise in public park design and nature play. This park offers unstructured play opportunities with water, sand, plants and rocks , for children of various abilities. All children, including those who use mobility devices, can access the water play features, large sand pit, reach the top of a hill, and experience being in the crown of native oak trees. Everyone can also enjoy the tactile, cognitive and auditory opportunities designed into the park. Such opportunities are very important for children with special needs, and gives children of all needs a space to interact with one another. In addition to the inclusive play opportunities, the park offers a climbing challenge in the form of a giant locally sourced rock. 
Accessible pathways and regular opportunities to sit allow adults of all ages and abilities to experience the park along with the kids.


LandCurrent (Lead Park landscape architect),

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