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Ventura Park Play Area

Client: City of Portland

Location: Portland, Oregon


Ventura Park is a seven-acre park located in Portland Oregon. The play area in the park was in need of renovation. NNA Landscape Architecture was the main consultant for the project. LandCurrent assisted NNA during schematic design, community outreach and construction documentation. As a team we set out to design the new play environment to be inclusive for many children regardless of ability and to include a large variation of play experiences. We focused on imaginative opportunities. We included elements for group play but also included quiet planted corners. We designed one play area for older kids and one for younger kids, with the two connected by a large mound. We incorporated swinging, spinning, bouncing, climbing, sliding, and exploring opportunities through the use of natural boulders and plants, water, wood, artificial turf and rubber.


City of Portland, Oregon (owner), NNA and LandCurrent (landscape architects).

Photo courtesy by Portland Parks & Recreation

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