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Firewise Fencing and Privacy Screening

An often overlooked aspect of a firewise landscape is fencing and privacy screening. Look around, and you will see interconnected, dry wooden fences in lines with arborvitae torch trees. You wonder if there are possibly other options. With a little inspiration and imagination, your designer and you can find the perfect perimeter frame for your home.

Since we are talking "firewise", I'll limit this discussion to flame-resistant materials.

Materials such as metal, masonry and stone do not burn. Fences made out of these materials may act as a shield against flying embers and can thus protect you home at this Australian blog describes.

There are many options for decorative metal panels. These panels can be perforated in endless design options (source: are added to a concrete and stucco base. The wall is less imposing than a solid stucco wall and the panels are attractive, eliminating the need to camouflage with arborvitae or other flammable trees or shrubs.

Corrugated metal gives us many design options. It can be applied horizontally or vertically, in short strips or long. The finish of the metal can be left shiny or rusted (the material is not meant to rust on its own, and will not) It can be held in place with steel posts, or combined with other materials to give it variety. The metal can be custom finished in colors or patinas . The panels themselves have a lifespan of 50 to 60 years, eliminating the need to maintain and replace a wood fence. (Source:

There are numerous creative solutions to design non-flammable fences. These examples from the Netherlands show wire mesh fences filled with rock or shells.

(Photos: Anita Van Asperdt, LandCurrent).

Contact LandCurrent: info (at) LandCurrent (dot) com for your firewise landscape design.


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