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Plant Contest

How to plant an area surrounded by concrete, asphalt, and fumes from traffic, an area that is in full shade except for summer afternoons when it receives direct and blazing hot sunlight. Which plants can survive such challenges? There are no equivalent areas in nature to be found for lessons and inspiration. A west facing rock wall comes closest, such an area in nature is devoid of planting!

Our client wanted the concrete block wall of his shop to be planted with vines. He was dreaming of beautiful green walls he had seen on vacation in France. Would a lush green wall be possible for the concrete wall of his shop? We decided to game out our client’s wishes by planting several of the toughest vines we knew and see which vine would remain alive, a survival of the fittest contest. Now seven years later we see that there are several winners.

This project exemplifies LandCurrent’s conceptual approach to design, which in this case was applied to a small project. At LandCurrent we enjoy thinking through complex design challenges at any scale.

Project Location: Corner Bailey Hill Road and West 11th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon.

Positive climate impacts: Particulate Matter Capturing, Low Irrigation Need, Contribution to Building and Site Cooling.


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