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Clients installing a unique garden design during the stay-at-home period

Every landscape design starts with a conversation with our clients to develop a deep understanding of what they want from their landscape. Some clients aren’t sure, and we help them to discover, through the design process, their ideal garden. Others have a definite direction. For this garden the clients wanted something distinct, ecologically beneficial and sustainable, and definitely not like anything else on their street. We worked collaboratively to develop a design that unified the client’s talent as a metalworker with their personal vision. The most striking feature is a metal panel wall, playfully perforated.

In the front yard, the playful, perforated panel creates a charming entry courtyard and we replaced the typical front yard lawn with a grassy “no-mow” lawn alternative. Lawn alternatives offer lots of benefits. Less water use, less run-off, less use of gas, and fertilizers and less work for the gardener. They also create more habitat for pollinators and birds, more diverse ecosystems, and capture more carbon than a traditional lawn. For this project we used a grass named Seslaria , it looks great year-round and the seed heads in the fall are a great source of food for birds. The backyard includes low retaining walls, stormwater planters, a patio with seating and lots of planting.

While staying at home these past few months the clients decided to build most of their landscape themselves. Because of the high level of detailed craftmanship required for any LandCurrent design, few clients have the skills to build their own landscape. However, in this case the client had the necessary expertise. Even so, we advised this client to work with a LandCurrent recommended concrete contractor. The concrete work was completed before the pandemic appeared, the client could finish the metal work and planting work themselves during the lockdown. You can compare the actual project photo that the client emailed us to our design image. I think they did great!

Since construction was taking place during the stay-at-home order, we were able is develop a protocol for working while maintaining social distance. The clients have been updating us with photos and videos and the occasional question or request for advice. Having only one contractor at a time on-site and keeping us updated through photos and videos is a great way to work and keep a safe social distance.

Over the past few weeks with all the rain, the rain garden (or stormwater planter) has been at its best. I love seeing and hearing the raindrops on the surface of the water, it can be mesmerizing, especially now, when we are noticing these lovely little details more than ever. It's nice to have reason to look forward to the rain.

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