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Behind the Gate

Location: Portland, Oregon


This contemporary residential landscape is situated high on a steep slope with distant glimpses to down-town Portland.  Before the landscape renovation, the front door of the house was situated off the backyard patio.  This front door location was not only confusing but also impacted the privacy of the residents.  

LandCurrent proposed a fence with gate which essentially now functions as the front door at the street. The new configuration also allowed for a new side door into the existing garage.  Existing battered basalt walls, that are typical for the neighborhood, are juxtaposed with new concrete retaining walls and pavement.  A simple landscape composition of rectangles complements the contemporary upgrades made to the residence itself. 

Moor grasses juxtapose with pine trees. Irish moss, dwarf conifers and sedums beautifully highlight the moss- covered basalt walls. A shaggy fescue lawn provides an updated and more sustainable interpretation of the ubiquitous American lawn.


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