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The Sage

Location: Eugene, Oregon

LandCurrent's state of the art expertise in Water Wise gardens and its flair for modern contemporary aesthetics made LandCurrent the logical choice as the landscape architect for this innovative residential house. The Sage was designed and constructed by Arbor South Architecture on a small 5,000 sqft lot. LEED, a program which assesses the environmental impact of buildings, gave The Sage a Platinum rating in 2009, thereby giving it the highest rating west of the Rockies and making it the first Platinum home in Eugene, Oregon. The landscape features drought tolerant plants and allows for stormwater infiltration. The house features a stormwater harvesting system, water can overflow into an artistically formed pond in the courtyard. The pond water in turn can flow through an opening in the privacy wall into a swale where it is allowed to filter into the soil.

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