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Cat's Ear Savannah

Location: Pleasant Hill, Oregon

A personal residence for two artists, Cat’s Ear is a 4.5-acre landscape intimately crafted for the appreciation of art, nature, and family. Indoor and outdoor rooms interweave with the expansive natural landscape, layering views, color, texture, and light to sculpt artful and art-filled spaces. 

The house and studio building were sited in close collaboration with architect Jenna Fribley, resulting in beautifully integrated indoor and outdoor spaces and carefully framed views of the surrounding landscape.  New landscape improvements include a koi pond, a large pond with a floating dock, vegetable garden, driveway, outdoor kitchen, patios, walkways, boardwalks, stone bridge, stone walls, fire pit.



Architect: Campfirelab

Landscape architect: LandCurrent

Prime Contractor: Joseph Becker Construction

Landscape Contractor: Daichi Landscape

Photography: Ty Milford

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