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Chase Meander 

Location: Eugene, Oregon


The Chase Meander exemplifies garden composition carried through from overall spatial design to the smallest details. 


The clients needed a path system that would allow for wheelchair access into the home. LandCurrent conceived of a meandering path from the driveway to the back yard. The long meander allowed for a gradual slope of the path.  The accessible route continues in the backyard with a deck ramp that is beautifully integrated into the deck design.  During the design process a composition of meandering shapes and zig-zag patterns started to emerge. Meandering drifts of different plants, the corners of the metal railings and the steps to the front door all reinforce the composition.

The garden offers a large deck, pathways, front door steps, a sitting nook, and a water feature.

Photography: Katsuyuki Shibata

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