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Jansen Estate Landscape 

Location: Oregon City, Oregon


This sloping, five acre landscape in Oregon City was devoid of vegetation except for mature firs, oaks and maples. The soil had been heavily compacted from construction activity. The client requested an estate look with an expansive green lawn. LandCurrent chose a simple palette of hardy evergreen plants and a micro-clover lawn mixture to overcome the problems posed by the soil and to respond to the client's taste. This simple planting matches the scale of the landscape and provides the look and texture of fine grass without the expense of a highly maintained lawn. A path that winds around the grounds was designed for the client's small children to explore. LandCurrent also selectively removed some firs to open up views across the landscape and provide light for the existing Oregon Oak trees. The micro clover lawn around the oaks can be left without irrigation to increase the health of the Oaks.

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